Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Dislocation- How I keep from dislocating my joints so often!

I’m updating this post with one of my favorite tools to help me in my everyday activities. 

As it goes with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome there are lots of times that we experience dislocations and subluxations when people without EDS would never consider this happening. It's the same with POTS. When you have POTS and do the most normal thing you are always at risk of being dizzy and unable to function. This makes life difficult at times and it seems like we are never able to get things accomplished, or at least accomplished without injury to ourselves. Simple things like picking up things that are dropped on the floor or on the floor of the car can cause great damage to our EDS bodies.

One of the ways that I dislocate my joints the most is reaching for things that are out of my reach. My car is a place where this happens a lot. Of course, bending overreaching for things on the floor or near where I'm sitting also causes a dislocation or two and for sure a few subluxation of some ribs.  

Instead of spending my time talking with you about how to treat these injuries I want to share with you about how I can reach the things that are out of my reach without injuring myself as much.

My solution is my favorite new tool!

Y'ALL I use this all the time!!!! I sit and realize that I've left my remote on the couch or someone has moved it or it's on the floor. I use my Grabber Reacher and pick it up and it saves so my precious energy for me. 

I know this tool will help you too!  

2-Pack 32 Inch Extra Long Grabber Reacher with Rotating Jaw - Mobility Aid Reaching Assist Tool (Yellow)

I love knowing that I have a tool that lets me get a few things done without injuring myself. I do have to be careful not to use my new tool for too long at a time because my hands cramp and ache, but overall, I'm so glad that I have found this and that I can share it with you.

So I used to have one that folded in half so it was smaller to store but it also broke very quickly. 

This one is solid and doesn't fold. The gripping part at the end twists so that you don't have to turn your arm and wrist around to reach things.  I was pleasantly surprised by the shorter of the two.  I decided to keep it in my car for all of the things that end up on the front passenger floor. I use this grabber to reach it without overstretching my fingers, wrists, shoulders, or my ribs and hips. I use the longer one in the house to pick up almost everything that is below my knee height. This has saved me the above problems plus the dizziness that I get when I'm bending over.  

I urge you to check this out because I know it will change how you are able to do things that often cause injury while you are reaching just that bit too far.  

I am not selling these but I am encouraging you to take a look at them. 

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