Friday, September 9, 2022

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome And How PTSD And The 9/11 Anniversary Has Affected Me

 You know that having Ehlers Danlos Syndrome opens up plenty of opportunities for emotional mayhem on a daily basis. That is because of the organic depression that EDS offers and the histamine overloads that Mast Cell Activation Syndrome gifts us with if you have that, not to mention the offerings of Dysautonomia and POTS and all the other bodily disorders that EDSer's go through. Daily life for 'our kind' is tough for sure but as you know if you are reading this and you have EDS then it's common for our bodies to react in harsh ways and it never gets easier but instead it gets harder and harder with each episode of stress or anxiety or depression or even a sneezing fit, - typed with a dramatic flare and sarcasm implied. 😁 

{To learn more about the above mentioned disorders look in the archives}

The anniversary of 9/11 is one of the bigger events in my life that cause extra stress and sadness for me. I had moved to NYC the day before 9/11. Maybe I got there then because I have poor timing skills or maybe it was because that was exactly when God wanted me to be there. It was a hit the ground running experience that changed my life in many ways. 

I didn't know at that time that I had EDS much less had I even heard of EDS and I honestly thought that all of my health issues were due to me being overweight. I'm not even sure why that matters for the point of this post, but thinking about that today and knowing how stress causes all kinds of things to flare up in our EDS bodies I have to be keenly aware of what I take in on TV and social media during the day of and the days leading up to the 9/11 anniversary. 

I'm a missionary and going to NYC was a stopping point for a few months before going to Nigeria for who knew how long. Well, that was the plan anyway....then 9/11 happened and travel to Nigeria became impossible at that time so that trip was delayed for a few years. As my EDS has progressed I am not as able bodied to live in a 3rd world country but I can still reach people all over the world and really by having the internet I can reach more people than I could have ever met in person. 

Why am I explaining that in this post? 

I'm doing so because I want to share my experience about 9/11 and the stress and sadness that I experienced, not that it was more or less than what the rest of the world went through, but for our purpose of supporting each of us Zebra's together, and to help those who need peace in their lives or are extra sensitive to big events like this one to know that they are not alone when remember 9/11 and also to share the Good News of Jesus Christ that brings Hope to us! 

With that said, take a look at my video and if you are interested then follow the link to my other blog to read the rest of the story!

The link to my other blog can be found on YouTube in the description under the video. 


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