Thursday, September 22, 2022

Same Blog With a New Look!

Hi Ya'll! It's still me with my same ole self but I decided that my ole blog needed some freshening up so, here it is. I hope you find it a little more upbeat with the new colors and the crazy pic of myself in the background. 

I'll still be posting about gadagets and gizmos that help me with my everyday life and how to make things easier and helpful ways to help myself. I'm an Amazon Associate which means if you click on the links in the blog and happen to purchase an item then I will get a tiny commision for that. It's a great way to help support me so I can continue to do research for the EDS communitiy and all the other commuities of all the other disorders that we EDS people tend to have. 

I will be traveling soon in a van that I hope to live in while traveling. As of now it’s broken down!  I'm a missionary and I have a call of God on my life to go and minister and teach the Good News of Jesus Christ to the nations and here on the home front as well. Living in a van is an experince that I have loved and I have done very well physically, mentally and emtionally while living in the van, other than the time I fell out of the van and broke both of my legs. Well, that's a story for another day, but for now I want to tell you that I love van life because most everything I need for the day is right within reach of me and my set up is different than most van lifers that I see but then again I am different than most people I know other than my EDS peeps. GO EDS PEEPS! 

I hope you take some time to click around on the links on the blog and see what all I'm up to. Photography is my passion and I love it and I take all of my photos from my car window, meaning I'm in the car when I'm taking the picutres. I'm sure this is what will get me on Good Morning America one day for being the crazy lady who makes a living taking photo from her car. Hey, we can all dream!

So, the links will take you to some of my other blogs and to my shops where I sell my photos and where I sell T-shits and greeting cards and tote bags and puzzles and all kinds of stuff with the photos on them that I take. Of course you will see me posting when I put new things in the shops because a girl has to make a living somehow.

Also I'll be posting about van life and how I deal with that having EDS and how I handle dr appointments and such. It should be interesting and I really hope to inspire you to get out and try something new and us your imagination to step outside of your box, even if it's just a few minutes every now and then, to explore what passions you have that you could still participate in or find a creative way to fullfill those dreams you've always had.

Have blessed dreams about your future and together we can encourage each other. 

I promise that I'm going to be posting on a more regular basis here from now one. That should be one or two posts ever few weeks about EDS and all the things I'm learning and researching. 


This is my van that I named Bean Dip. I love him 
soooo much even though he is old and scared up, 
hmmmm that's sounds like me, old and scared up.... lol 

This is this inside of Bean Dip when I first got him. Not too bad for an old guy. 

My friend hiding behind the arm rest of my seat. 
We were checking out the interrior lights. 
They work well!

That's Allie hanging out with Bean Dip while her 
Dad was busy taking out the seats  so I would have 
room to fix up the van the way I wanted it to be. 

So Bean Dip is old, like I said, and his carpet is well used, but this is the 
recliner that I got to use in the van. It's nice to be able to sleep in it like 
I do in the house and then I do all of my compture and editing 
work from my recliner so I feel like I'm at right at home. 
Of course I still have to put all the things in that I need for traveling..... 
more to come later. 

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