Monday, July 23, 2012

My Great Great Grandmother who had Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

 This is my Great Great Grandmother. It is her bloodline that Ehlers-Danlos came from. I have not been able to trace it further than her at this point. It was said of her that she had may problems of what they said back then was blood problems or blood disease. I also believe that she had Mast Cell Disease as well from hearing reports about how she would get red spots all over her legs. She often had to go to the doctor because of her blood issues. She has, according to my Genetic Doctor, the features of Vascular EDS with a long thin face and a long thin nose. The other pictures are of me. I believe that I look much the same as her with the same features. I am very overweight but my face still shows the same features. I can see my veins under my skin, not bulky like older people's veins, but my skin is translucent. I am just wondering if I too have a crossover of the Vascular type of EDS. 

Me age 16

Me about age 41

 Me about age 41

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