Monday, June 17, 2013

Has Your Chronic Illness Destroyed Your Dreams Or At Least Changed Them?

What is your dream or dreams in life? Most of us with Ehlers-Danlos or other chronic illness might say to live pain-free or take fewer meds. I know for me that would be great! I also know that EDS and the other illnesses that I have have gotten in the way of my dreams. Today though, I want to go dream walking for a bit. So I am sharing two videos with you. One of a dream that is being resurrected so to speak, and one dream that already came true.

I have many dreams of what I want to do, and one of them is voice acting. You know doing commercials and narrative things. I actually made a demo tape, notice I said tape, a long time ago, and shopped it around a bit, but nothing ever came of it and then of course tapes went to the wayside. Good thing I am resourceful though! I had recorded the tape onto my computer putting a microphone up to the tape player's speaker and then put it in a PowerPoint file. I had to find out how to take the sound file from there and save it on my computer to use for other things. So, I made a video with my now new in any format that I want, Voice Acting Demo. Who knows?..... I might even get a real job doing that one day!

The biggest dream of my life, I have had it since the age of 3, and that dream was to be a missionary. At the age of 9, I dedicated my life, before God and the world, as I said that I would be a missionary when I grew up. During those growing up years, I did missions all the time in Mexico with my church and later with a missionary family that lived there.

In 2001 I moved to NYC, and I got there the day before 9/11 which is another story for another time, to prepare to go to Nigeria. Well, as a result of 9/11 I was unable to travel to Nigeria at that time so I returned home. Four years later I finally made it to Nigeria.

There is one thing that I want to say about Nigeria besides that it is beautiful and a great experience, and that is ....that IT IS HOT THERE!!! My health was not good by any means at that time, but I just thought that was just the way life was for everyone, I mean feeling bad and being sick all the time. I didn't know then that I had Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I look back now and know for sure that it was only by God's Grace that I survived Nigeria's heat. The Nigerians come to Texas and say that it is hotter here than there. I can come up with several points to counteract them

I am telling you about Nigeria because my heart longs to go back and serve those people. My heart is very connected to the Nigerians and my heart is also broken that I cannot return to Nigeria nor can I do much here at home for the Nigerian people. If you have Ehlers-Danlos, or P.O.T.S., or any other chronic illness then you know what it is to have a broken heart because more than likely you too have had to give up on a dream or two.

Well, I count myself so incredibly blessed to have been able to live in Nigeria and be a foreign missionary that sometimes I can't contain that blessing inside and I just have to let it out. So I am kinda doing that here by sharing a video that I made of my mission in Nigeria. I love that country and I love the people there and I truly miss my friends there greatly!

I hope that you will find some joy, or passion, or just maybe some amazement from my video. I also am reminding myself that just because I can't go back to the foreign mission field, that I am still a missionary and I still have a mission to do and now that mission is reaching those that I see in the medical community.

To my Nigerian friends, if you see yourself in the video don't get upset with me, instead just count yourself as either a servant of God to bring others to Him, or count yourself as a new Star that is breaking through the old hoo hum of everyday life. ;) Oh and don't worry, your name is not anywhere in the video

Ok.... here is the video!

I would love to hear from you about how your dreams have been altered or destroyed by your chronic illness or circumstances in life. Please feel free to leave a comment.

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